We add electronic superpowers to your textiles and expand your business opportunities
We focus on creating electronically heated clothing and accessories. And we also are exploring integration of sensors and energy creation.
Adaptable products to you and your business

We develop electronic textiles based on printed electronics technology. Our products seamlessly combine innovative heating technologies with classic consumer properties: they can be washed, ironed, crumpled, heated, turn smart and all this without compromising longevity or durability of the garment. (This technology can be easily integrated into apparel and accessories - which has been our main focus of development. We tailor our products to the needs of your business. Our solution easily integrates into the manufacturing process. We are also expanding our product areas into batteries, microelectronics integration, lighting solutions and sensors.
Heat control module with 4 modes (100C, 75C, 50C, 25C)
The mobile app allows you to control the heating temperature, set the heating timer and get information about the ambient temperature and adjust the heating temperature to it
Red Fox heated WARMR Jacket
The ultimate comfort level for athletes, travelers, people working in the cold, and anyone living in areas where it gets cold.

Just turn on the Power bank, which warms the jacket, select one of the five heating modes, and go outside even at -70 degrees.

Learn more about the jacket in this video:
Heated Hoodie
Hoodies with UXTEX technology can be washed, ironed and folded just like normal hoodies. UXTEX technology runs on a power bank, keeps you warm for 8 hours, and the maximum heating temperature is 65C.

Now your favorite hoodie will not only be comfortable, but also warm
Heated grips
Now you can commute without gloves, easily hold on to the handlebars and keep your hands toasty. All you need to do is install the handle covers, attach the battery to the frame, and turn it on!
Heated mittens
Heated mittens will make walking with your baby in cold weather as comfortable and pleasant as if you were sitting on your couch . Just attach the battery to the handle of the stroller and turn the device on!
Heated covers for bicycle seats
Ride your bike longer and be more comfortable in cold weather! Fix the battery to the frame, put the cover on the saddle, and turn it on
Battery capacity
6 hours
Heating up to 60℃
Waterproof neoprene
Battery capacity
6 hours
Heating up to 60℃
Waterproof polyester
Battery capacity
6 hours
Heating up to 60℃
Waterproof neoprene
Our story
We are now being approached by large international manufacturers of clothing, outfit, and equipment. This has given us even more confidence in the success of our start and motivated us to explore other applications for our technology. We are now exploring the use of solarcharging, lighting solutions, biosensors and overall "smartization" of a textile using our printed electronics.
The team got bigger, we participated in competitions, and gained mentors. One day one of our mentors mentioned how uncomfortable it was for her as a mom to walk with the stroller in the winter and how her hands were always freezing. That's how the idea of electronically heated mittens came about.
We continued to refine the technology and started participating in international startup competitions:

3rd place in Australia's Eureka International Innovation and Entrepreneurship;

Finalists at the international startup festival *ship 2020;

Third place in China-Jinan International High Level Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
University lab allowed us long hours of research and gave us wide recognition:

Presented the project in Moscow at the finals of the Rusbase Young Awards 2020;

Won a grant from the STUDENT INNOVATIVE IDEAS Foundation;

With the help of the ITMO PR-service we were published in Russian media.

We decided to explore beyond the micro-mobile market and scale our technology to the clothing market - heated jacket was born! Our first industrial partner, Red Fox, a leading manufacturer of clothing and equipment, helped us with this.

In preparation to presenting the jacket at the Arctic Forum, we have gone through multiple revision, retested our technology for larger products and logistics for scaled production. The exhibition at the forum was a success and our joint PR campaign with Red Fox gained widespread coverage throughout media.
While living in a small town in Finland without any public transportation whasoever, our CEO Olavi has been experiencing the Finnish cold at its finest.

Everyone would always ride bicycles anywhere they went. Olavi and his classmates would ride to class, leave their bikes at the front door, and walk to class. At the end of the day, they would swipe the snow off their bikes and ride home on the wet or icy and always cold seats. It was unpleasant and hard to tolerate at the end of the day, every day.
That's how the idea for our first product came about - heated bike seat and handlebar cover.

Olavi and his friend took the idea seriously and tried to produce a prototype in China, but it the result never came out as they have been intending. They kept thinking and experimenting.
Friends moved to St. Petersburg, Russia, where it was much easier for them to work on their idea. Several months of changing fabrics and techniques followed, searching for the perfect solution that would give a product that wouldn't get wet, blow through, or overheat. Olavi always stayed close to the production facility and one day on his commute he noticed the building of ITMO University He thought it would be great to combine his entrepreneurial spirit with a master's degree, and enrolled in The Master's of Innovative Entrepreneurship program.
ITMO offered much support for the project and Olavi shared the idea with the Dean of Faculty and got the necessary contacts and resources. The project began to be develop and the first prototypes to our liking were created.
We received our first recognition! - we won the "ITMO University - Gazprom Neft Grant" competition in the Prototype category.
Our team
Olavi Siikki
Lev Logunov
Anna Galanova
Ivan Stepanov
Founder & engineer
We hope our accessories have piqued your interest! We will be happy to answer all your questions. We are also ideas on cooperation.
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