Heating system for textiles

Keeping warm in any textile
Keeping warm in any textile

Heating system for textiles

Keep warm in any situation

Our technology will keep you warm regardless of weather conditions and ambient temperature
The heating system is applicable for
home textiles
bike seats and more

System elements

Thin Film Heating Elements
A heating element is a special electrical circuit made of silver and finely dispersed carbon that heats up when power is applied
Applied using printed electronics technology on thermal transfer film
The finished heating element is transferred to textiles in the same way as a thermal patch
15 €
per piece

The minimum order quantity is 30 pieces
When ordering from 300 pieces, individual conditions are available
Thin film heating element for textile
Controls the temperature of the product both manually and through a mobile application
Sewn into clothes and connected to PowerBank with a wire
Quick charge power provides more heating power
9 €
per piece

Various modifications are available:
  • Control via mobile app (15 €) or physical button (9 €)
  • There are controllers for 3 and 5 heating elements
Controllers are available in any color and shape.
Button that controls temperature of textile

The whole system is controlled with mobile app

With mobile app you can

  • turn the heating on or off,
  • control the temperature of all heating zones at the same time,
  • control each element separately
The technology is easily integrated into production processes and does not require expensive equipment
Uniform heating, accurate temperature control possible
The technology practically does not make the product heavier (you need to add numbers - the weight of the system)
Easy to integrate
Precise adjustment
No weight

Technology advantages

The technology does not change the consumer properties of textiles. It can also be ironed and washed
The heating elements are absolutely safe due to the application of a multilayer insulator (add information about the tests carried out)
Built for regular use

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